About Us

About Burnwater

Burnwater started in 2000 by a dragon boat paddler and outdoor sports junkie in the US who wanted something better than a wooden paddle. With his background in engineering and a passion for R&D, he started Burnwater to design and craft carbon fibre dragon boat paddles, paddle grips, paddling gear and accessories - bring advanced paddling technology to the dragon boat professionals and enthusists around the world.

Interview with Arin Chang from Burnwater.

About Burnwater (Australia)

Sharing the same passion for the sport of dragon boating with Mr Burnwater in the US, two highly seasoned Australian dragonboaters decided to bring Burnwater to Australia to meet the needs of loyal Burnwater paddling fans back home.

Burnwater (Australia) is the sole distributer for Burnwater products in Australia and are based in Sydney, NSW.

About the Burnwater brand


Noun:A company dedicated to producing the finest water sports gear in the world.

Adverb:To travel at extremely high velocities above, below or through water fast enough to burn water. A pure display of strength and power almost to show off as in "burning rubber".

Verb:To exert an extreme force on water creating smoke, steam, adrenaline and sometimes pain.

Adjective:Fast, really fast.

Synonymous with Advanced Paddling Technology™.

The official Burnwater™ logo. It stands for a lot of things-our passion for dragon boatracing and the products we create. It's the yin and yang-the aggression coupled with the calm. If you dragon boat race, you know what we mean!